December 10, 2020

In His image

He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. Colossians 1:15

This is amazing.  Jesus is the visible image of our invisible God and Father.  He looks like God and He should because He is God.  The amazing part about this is . . .  He is a man.  Jesus!  He was born a baby person, grew up to become a man, died a human death, and rose up from the grave with a glorified, still a man, body.  He is human kind, our kind, mankind.  Why am I going on like this?  Like it is some kind of unbelievable truth?  Because it is, God created our kind so we could reflect who He is.  He made us to be like Him, to look like Him and to act like Him.  I know we don’t get it perfectly right all the time, but His grace makes up the difference.  With God’s grace, we can accomplish the things God want to get accomplished while we are here. However, that doesn’t change the fact that we were made in His image, created to be like Him and created for Him to have a body.

Now, here’s the really amazing part.  Jesus as a man, is ruling over the universe!  It’s true!   Verse 18 tells us He is the head and rules over all!  Everything from governments to galaxies and He is the beginning of everything!  This is something to get stirred up about because we are part of His body.  His complete body.  He is building an unstoppable body of people to rule with Him.  Not only are we part of His body, we are His family.  We are connected.  As we continue to read in Colossians 1, verse 19 says God in all His fullness lived in Christ Jesus and through Jesus He connected everything in this world to Himself.  He connected heaven and earth with His blood on the cross.

I don’t know about you, but I for one am so thankful.  I especially focus on this revelation at this time of the year.  The time when God took on a body and became one of us.  The Creator became part of His creation!  No love can compare.  The thought of it warms my heart like nothing else in this world can!  I love Him so much because He included me.  He included me in His grace, He included me in His plan and He included me in His family!  He included you too!

Today I want to encourage you to consider your Heavenly Father becoming a person like us.  Think of all He included you in.  Think of what He has accomplished to connect with you and be thankful and joyful that you have a part in His grace, His plan and His family.  Begin to talk about it where ever you go and soon, you will be bringing others into the family with you.  The greatest gift you can give Jesus for His birthday is more family!

Today’s scripture reading: Colossians 1:15-20

December 9, 2020

God’s protection

He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love,  Colossians 1:13

God’s protection!  Have you ever thought about it?  Better yet, have you ever asked for it?  Today’s verse says that He has delivered us from the power of darkness.  He already did it.  He pulled you out of the grips of sin and destruction when you received Jesus as your LORD and Savior.  Divine protection was included with that great salvation.  So why do we see people with tragedy coming into their lives?  With some people, it seems to come more often than others.  How do we step into this place of divine protection?

I remember a time that I had this conversation with my Heavenly Father.  I was feeling afraid and worried about possibilities of the people I love falling into calamity.  I asked Him, “LORD, how can I know you will protect them?”  It didn’t take long to get an answer.  He simply showed me, to receive His protection in the same way I receive anything from Him . . . ask in faith.  The same way I received salvation, the same way I receive provision and the same way I get wisdom.  I ask Him. 

Now, I do try to remember to ask for His divine protection every day for myself and those I know and love.  However, I don’t ask for Him to save me every day, but He does.  I have been saved for all eternity.  The only way for that to change is if I walk away from it.  I believe His protection is the same.  I asked for it and I received it, now just like I thank Him for His salvation on a regular basis, I thank Him for His protection regularly.

Today I want to encourage you to received His great gift of salvation, if you haven’t already.  Do it now by asking Him to come into your life to be your LORD and Savior.  Once He is your LORD, thank Him for His love for you and that He is big enough to keep you from the power of darkness.  Ask Him for His divine protection and then just as you received your salvation, believe you have His protection on your life too.  He is watching over you and He will keep you in all your ways!

Today’s scripture reading: Colossians 1:9-14

December 8, 2020


Strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy; Giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance. Colossians 1:11-12

Have you ever felt unqualified?  Maybe you were in a position with people that had a different skill set or different knowledge than you?  I know I have.  All through my life I have found myself in situations with people I thought were way more qualified than I was. However, God seemed to put me in those areas because I was willing to take a step of faith and obedience.  It’s like He speaks to my heart in a certain area and usually I am eager to follow the direction.  Although there have been time that I dragged my feet because something may have looked like it wouldn’t work in the natural.  However, my Heavenly Father is so patient with me and He always seems to get me there at just the right time.  Though sometime I feel I have no business being there. 

That hasn’t always been the case though.  For years I tried to drag God down a road that I thought was best.  Walking down a dark path that I thought would end in happiness and fulfillment.  Oh, He was always faithful to bail me out of the ditches I had gotten myself into because of bad decisions, but I just didn’t get it.  I didn’t get that God had a good plan for my life and if I would just surrender my life to His direction, He would take me places I never would have dreamed of before.  Then one day I did.  One day I invited Jesus into my life to be Lord, not my savior only.  That made all the difference.  In surrendering to Him as Lord of my life, I no longer allowed my will to be my direction.  I began to follow His direction and plan and even though it didn’t always look like what I wanted, the end results turned out for the best.  I would have never gotten to where I am today if I had continued down the same short-sighted road I was on. 

Today’s scripture talks about God qualifying us to have a part in His Kingdom work, not only in this world but also in heaven someday.  Think about it, you are a child of God, doesn’t it make sense that He would trust His children to do His business with Him?  Here’s the thing:  When God asks me to go someplace, talk to someone or give something, it really has nothing to do with me other than I get to have a part in what He is doing.  What it really has to do with is when I go there, God goes there.  He reaches into the situation because I am there as His representative.  Not because I am so smart and qualified, it’s because I am His child and we are working together.  It’s actually fun!  When I listen to Him, I bless others, I can be an answer to someone’s prayer and I get filled up with the joy and energy of the LORD.  It’s a pretty great deal!

I don’t have a part to do in the kingdom of Heaven because I’m qualified, God qualified me and then trains me for the part because I work with my Father in the family business. I am strengthened and empowered with His glorious might and joyfully patient and longsuffering.  I am thankful to my Father because He has qualified me to have a part in the inheritance/work of the kingdom.          

Today I want to encourage you to surrender all to Him.  Ask Jesus to be your LORD not only your Savior and tell Him you want to do your part in the family business.  Submit each day to your heavenly Father and ask Him where He wants to go today to answer someone prayer.  When you listen and follow the direction He give, you are doing His business.  Not because you are qualified but because He qualified you when He rescued you. If you’re not sure how to hear His direction, ask Him. Ask Him to make His voice plain and clear. Ask Him to help you not to miss it. When you do miss it, quickly ask Him to help you get back up again. Learn to hear His direction in the little things so that when big decisions come along, you already know what He sounds like and you will be eager to follow His instruction. Lastly, don’t dismiss and be aware of the thoughts and ideas that come when you are talking to Him especially when it comes to blessing others. When you dismiss or ignore Him, His voice on the inside of you will become quiet and harder to hear. As you are eager to act, it will become loud and clear.

Today’s scripture reading: Colossians 1:9-14

December 6, 2020

Walk worthy of the LORD

Walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; Colossians 1:10

In today’s passage we have some insight into what it means to walk worthy of the LORD.  On the surface, it looks like walking worthy of the LORD would be walking in obedience to Him and His Word.  While that is true, as you continue to read the verse, it says that the way to fully please Him is to be fruitful in every “good work” that you do.  The verse ends by saying that as you become fruitful the result will be knowing your Heavenly Father better/more. (increase in the knowledge of Him)

So, what is the definition of being fruitful in every “good work”?  If something is fruitful, it produces fruit, or more fruit of the same kind.  For instance, if you plant a tomato seed, you use the seed from the inside of a tomato and if it is fruitful, it produces more tomatoes.  In the same ways if you sow/give “good works”, you will produce more opportunities to do good for others.  Here’s the thing, “good works” are only things that you do for others, not for yourself.  Below is a list of scriptures with some insight into what “good works” are all about:

First of all, Ephesians 2:10 says we were created with “good works” in us that God planned out for us to do. That means there is “good work” seed inside of us, just like the seed in the tomato plant.  This is the origin of “good works”. Jesus told us in Matthew 5:16 to let your light shine before men by doing “good works” that glorify your Father in heaven. So in doing “good works” others see His light. This is the purpose for “good works” In Acts 9:36 we see that “good works” is defined as charitable deeds, or things done for others. This is the action of “good works”. 2 Timothy 2:21 tells us that if we get rid of all the unimportant and distracting things in life, we will become prepared for every “good work” that comes our way. This is the starting point of “good works”.

The bottom line, “good works” are opportunities or test that come into our lives every day.  Either we do them or pass them up.  Either we are watching for them and eagerly accomplish them, or we are too busy and distracted to notice when a “good work” is right in front of us.  If we recognize and complete the “good works” that are in our path, we will be more aware of opportunities to give and serve others and His light will always be shining through us.  That is when our “good works” are fruitful and producing more opportunities to serve and love on others.

Lastly, Jesus said in Luke 19:17 to be faithful with little before you can be trusted with much.  If you are always passing over the little opportunities to look for greater ones, you are not being faithful with the least. If you are passing over “good work” opportunities only to do what is comfortable and convenient, your fruit will be mostly rotten and worthless.

Today I want to encourage you to walk worthy of the LORD by pleasing Him in every “good work” that He puts in your pathway.  Whether it is small or great, be faithful in the little and the big things.  The bottom line is that you become the same person whether you are being seen by no one or everyone.  Your response is to God and He is the one that is always watching and empowering you.  So today, begin to serve others at every opportunity.  Whether great or small, lend a helping hand, give of your resources and just love all those that come into your life.  These “good works” will produce a closer walk with the LORD and grow your knowledge of who He is, because you are acting like Him by loving and giving to others.

Today’s scripture reading: Colossians 1:9-18

December 5, 2020


In all wisdom and spiritual understanding; Colossians 1:9b

Yesterday I talked about being filled up with the knowledge of God’s will.  Today I want to discuss God’s will of wisdom and spiritual understanding.  Did you know wisdom was God’s will for you?  Did you know that God want you to understand spiritual things?  These seem like simple questions to answer “yes” to, but what exactly is wisdom and spiritual understanding and why would these attributes be God’s will for us today?

Let me start with wisdom.  What do we know about wisdom from God’s Word?  First of all, we know that wisdom starts with the fear of God.  If you don’t have any fear of God, you are completely empty of wisdom.  Proverbs 9:10 tells us that the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom and knowing (personally) the Holy One is understanding.  Fearing the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, because you recognize that you need a Savior.  The fear of the LORD for a believer is that you are afraid to live life without your Savior.  You are aware that you cannot live this life to the fullest of God’s plan without God being close to you each day.  God doesn’t want His children/people to be afraid of Him, but if you don’t belong to Him, you should be greatly afraid. So, wisdom starts with recognizing your need for your Heavenly Father.

Wisdom is the most important thing you can possess in life.  Proverbs 4:7 says Wisdom is the principal or most vital thing, so get wisdom and also get understanding.  This scripture implies that it is within your power to get wisdom.  We know wisdom is not hard to get in fact Proverbs 8:1-2 tell us that wisdom is crying out.  Wisdom stands out in the open and calls to us, wisdom wants to be found.  Additionally, wisdom is in the words that you speak.  You can actually choose to speak wise words instead of foolishness ones. Verse 7 of Proverbs 8 says wisdom speaks truth, but wickedness speaks foolishly.  Also, all the words of the mouth of a wise person are righteous and nothing perverse is in their speech.

Lastly, there is one simple way to get wisdom, and that is to ask for it.  James 1:5 says if you lack wisdom, ask God and He will give it to you in abundance.  God wants you to be wise in all that you say and do, so He has promised that if you ask Him, He will give wisdom to you in generous amounts.  Wisdom is different from knowledge because you cannot gain it by studying or reading about it.  Wisdom only comes from God and to truly live your life by wisdom you must get it from Him by requesting it.

Today I want to encourage you to get wisdom and with all your getting, get understanding.  Wisdom and spiritual understand are the most important things in living life successfully and the good news is they are available to you.  Simply ask your Heavenly Father today and He will begin to pour His wisdom out on your life.  However, with all God’s gifts, you must be a good steward over the little before you are given the abundance.  Use the wisdom God give in your words, in your actions and in all your ways, then His spiritual understanding will follow.

Today’s scripture reading: Proverbs 8

December 4, 2020

Filled up

be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; Colossians 1:9

Yesterday I talked about praying the perfect prayer from the passage in Colossians chapter one.  So today I want to unpack this prayer some.  The phrase I want to focus on today is “be filled with the knowledge of His will.”  How do I get filled with the knowledge of His will.  Of course you start with praying and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of His will.  After you pray, you are now waiting for the answer to be evident in your life.  As you wait, there are some things you can do to help the process along.  So, if you are filled, you are full up to be overflowing with it.  As you use this knowledge of His will, you will need to keep refilling, kind of like putting gas in your car, you have to keep refilling it after you use some.  If I want to be full of the knowledge of anything, I go to the place where the knowledge (information) is.  For example, if I want to be full of the knowledge of the sky, I would fill my mind up with information about the sky.  I would read book, get magazines, do internet research and probably get a telescope.  I would learn so much about the sky that the information filled my thoughts.  I would be thinking about it while I was doing other things.  I would be talking about it every chance I got and I would be asking questions about the sky to anyone who had some knowledge about the subject.

It’s the same thing with filling up with the knowledge of God’s will.  We know God has a will and we know His will extends to His plans for our lives.  So, we start by talking to Him. We ask Him to make His will plain and clear.  We ask Him to empower us to follow His will and we listen to the things He is speaking to our heart each day.  This has to be done on purpose and will require you to set aside time each day to get to know Him and His will better.  Second, we fill our minds and spirits up with His written Word.  God’s written Word is His will.  Every promise He made in the Bible is His will written out for you.  We can begin to follow all instruction we read in His Word and know we are filling up with the knowledge of His will.  We do things such as tithing, connecting with other, loving others and forgiving others just to name a few.  We know God will never leave us.  He wants to spend as much time with you as you can give to Him.  He is always available and will never turn you away.  In His Word we can find out His will for the world around us.  For example, He is not willing or we could say it is not God’s will that anyone should perish (2 Peter 3:9).  We know things that He is planning for the future because He explained them in the book.

Being filled with the knowledge of God’s will is not hard at all, you simply give your attention to, study and learn all you can about who God is and what His plans are.  When you put aside the things that you usually do in your spare time that are not productive, you are then in a position to use that time to talk to Him and learn more about your Heavenly Father and His will.  Jesus is our ultimate example and He knows the will of His Father.  He prayed in the garden, “Father, not my will but Yours be done.”  He knew that God had a plan to save the people of the world from the destruction they were headed toward and He knew His part in that plan.  He surrendered and humbled Himself to that plan and we should do the same.

Today I want to encourage you to get filled up with the knowledge of God’s will for your life.  Start with spending time with Him each day in prayer and reading His Word.  Spend time in worship with music or with psalms.  Learn everything you can in His Word and the promises He made to you.  Lastly, put away the things that have no eternal value in your life and determine today to submit and surrender to the will of God by being filled up with it on a consistant basis.

Today’s scripture reading: Colossians 1:9-14

December 3, 2020

The best way to pray                                 

For this reason we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; Colossians 1:9

Have you ever had it on your heart to pray for someone and you didn’t quite know what to pray? Maybe it was for a sick friend or loved one? Maybe for someone who had a need financially or emotionally? Maybe it was for your children and you could see what you thought would make things better for them so that’s what you prayed? Like . . .Lord, give them the perfect job, the perfect spouse or help them find the best home or where to go to school? We all have specific needs for today, but what’s the best way to pray?

In today’s verse Paul prays for the Colossian Christians. However, he doesn’t pray for their specific needs.  He doesn’t pray: LORD, please don’t let them be persecuted or make sure they have all they need.  Instead he thanks God for them and then he prays for their spiritual needs. He prays that God would fill them up with knowing His will with wisdom and spiritual understanding. He prays that they would be fully pleasing to God and fruitful in their good works. Then he asks that they would increase in the knowledge of God and be strengthened with all might by God’s glorious power.  He thanks God that He has qualified them to take part of the inheritance of the saints. Lastly, he prays for them to be delivered from the power of darkness (protection) and that God would move them into the kingdom of His love.

What a great prayer! What if we began to pray these things over our loved ones instead of the specific need they have for today. When God answers the prayer of spiritual blessings on those we are praying for, they will be catapulted through their current day-to-day struggle. They will know how to handle the things that come day to day because they are filled up with knowing God’s will with wisdom and spiritual understanding.  Now they are focused on being fruitful in every good work and increasing in knowing God personally each day.  They are strengthened with His might and power and qualified to take part in the inheritance of God, their Heavenly Father.  I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds much better than “help them find the perfect job”

This is a great revelation for me as I’ve spent many years praying over my family and those I love with specific needs that I could see would make a difference in their lives.  However, now I have changed my view of these things to pray for their spiritual needs first of all. Here’s the thing when the spiritual needs are met, the physical needs will follow.  In fact, this is how to be like a tree planted by the water that doesn’t even notice when the drought comes. (Jeremiah 17:8)

Today I want to encourage you to begin to pray these things over your family and loved ones. This prayer in Colossians is a good place to start but there are also some other effective prayers we discussed earlier in Ephesians chapter 1 and 3. Not only will this way of praying bring spiritual results to those you are praying for, it will produce peace of mind as you grow in the knowledge of Him.  Here is an example of what your prayer could sound like:

 Heavenly Father, I want to thank You today that my spouse, family, friends, neighbors and co-workers are filled up with the knowing Your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.  Thank You that they walk worthy of You by fully pleasing You, being fruitful in every good work, increasing and growing by getting to know You in a deeper way each day.  I thank You that they are strengthened with all might by Your glorious power to be joyfully patient and longsuffering.  Thank You Father, for qualifying all of us to have a part of Your inheritance that You have given all the saints and for delivering us from the power of darkness.  Thank You for propelling us into the kingdom of Your Son, Jesus, by His great love and in Whom we have our redemption through His blood that erases all our sins.

Today’s scripture reading: Colossians 1:9-18

December 1, 2020

It starts with love

He has told us about the love for others that the Holy Spirit has given you.  Colossians 1:8

We all know what we are supposed to be doing.  We know the reason that we, as God’s children are in this world.  We know we are to share the love of God with those around us and truthfully, it shouldn’t be hard.  So why does is feel like such an intimidating task at times?  Why do we sometimes feel like we are going to be rejected if we share the greatest gift ever with others?  Some how we have gotten the idea that if this gift is rejected, we are rejected.  But that just isn’t the case. 

I have heard the message of salvation presented in many different ways, but mostly, it is presented as an option rather than the gift that it is.  You know, “You can choose Jesus or you can choose hell.”  Or maybe it is presented like an ultimatum, “If you don’t choose Jesus you are going to hell.”  Mostly in churches it is presented as both, “You are going to hell so you better choose Jesus.” While these statements certainly are true, it is not the most effective way to reach others. These approaches do not reflect the true heart of God’s love for all people.

Today’s verse is about Epaphras.  He was the person who shared the good news of Salvation with the believers at Colossae.  He was with Paul’s team representing these believers, in ministry with Paul.  Epaphras kept in touch with the Colossians and reported their testimonies and the work that the Holy Spirit was doing there to Paul.  These were not perfect people.  I know this because nobody is perfect, but Epaphras had the consistent report that these believers loved people.  They have the kind of love for people that is given by the Holy Spirit.  How do you get that kind of love?  By asking for it, of course.  These people still had problems and still had issues.  They were Christians in a persecuted world, but they were still bringing people into the Kingdom.  Not because of what they should be doing and not because they were worried about feeling guilty if they didn’t.  It was because they loved people.  Here’s the thing, when you love people, you want to share the gift of Salvation with them.  Not as a choice or ultimatum, but rather as the gift of love that it is. We have the good news, the best news there ever was and the good news is that we don’t have to live another day separated from our loving, kind, good, all powerful Heavenly Father.  He made a way that we could be with Him in relationship right where we are today!  Glory to God!

Today I want to encourage you to start with love.  Before you go out looking for people to be a witness to, ask the Holy Spirit for the kind of love for people that only He can give.  Pray for that love each morning as you prepare for your day. Ask the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of others to receive His love and begin to connect with others in your life with that love.  God loves us and if we love others, the message of His love will flow freely from us!

Today’s scripture reading: Colossians 1:1-8

November 30, 2020


We give thanks to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you, since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of your love for all the saints; Colossians 1:3&4

Recently, someone I was once close to passed on from this life.  On hearing about their passing, I was reminded that the quality of my life consists in the extent of my relationships.  What impact am I making on the lives of others?  Does it matter to anyone else in the world that I exist?  Am I the kind of person that is interested in continuously making new connections with people to make a difference in what they are going through right now?  Or do I just keep to my own little circle minding my own business and never reach out to others?

In today’s scripture, Paul, once again, talks about giving thanks and praying for the Colossian Christians.  Even though he wasn’t with them personally, he impacted their lives by remembering to pray for them, thanking God for them and reaching out to them by sending messages of encouragement.  Paul made a great impact on the world because of his calling to start churches in cities everywhere he went, but he didn’t stop there.  Even after he moved on to the next city, he maintained his relationships through praying and communication.  Paul’s life not only mattered to the work God was doing in the world, it mattered to the people he reached along the way.  I would go as far as saying, the work God had for him to do was to connect and love people, just the way Jesus did.  Paul’s mission wasn’t to merely set up churches like starting a business from town to town.  His assignment was to start relationships, not only connect people to God through Jesus, but to stay connected with them as he discipled them through his example and loving them.

What about us today?  Is our purpose any different that Paul’s?  Sure, we may not all be out there starting new church meeting places and groups that meet, but we are adding to the church body as a whole.  Our assignment is to make disciples and we do that by connecting with and loving on people that are in our everyday lives.  Then when relationship end or pass, it is just another opportunity for God to share His great grace with you.  When you are weak, He is strong! (2 Cor. 12:10)

Today I want to encourage you to think about the impact you are making on the world around you?  Are you praying for others every day?  Do you think about how you can make more of a difference in your world?  Ask your Heavenly Father today to lead you to those you can pray for and encourage, then be ready to listen to that soft prompting on the inside when He does bring someone close.  Decide today that you are going to make a lasting impression on the lives of others and then connect with people because you want to share the love of God with them in the way you love and care for them.

Today’s scripture reading: Colossians 1:3-8

November 29, 2020

God’s Grace

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Colossians 1:2

God’s grace!  I’ve written about it many times in the past.  God’s grace gives us Salvation, empowerment and ablitlity just to name a few of its benefits, but did you ever consider where grace truly comes from?  Well, God of course, but it is actually God’s very own grace.  The same grace that is on God, our Heavenly Father, He extends to those of us that He calls His own people.  Think about it . . . . the same grace that was on God to create Heaven, the universe, our world, people and all physical things, He shares with us.  Grace is not something we can gain on our own, it is not something that originated with people and it is not something the enemy has to offer.  Grace is all from God!  When you see gifts and talents on a person’s life, they’re there because of God’s grace.

Now here is more good news about grace, according to today’s scripture, we can give grace to others.  Certainly, it is within our ability to be gracious to others when they fall short or need a helping hand, but in the verse today, Paul actually prays God’s grace on the Colossian Christians.  Let’s consider what that does.  Praying God’s grace on others can bring them peace, goodness and empowerment.  God’s grace brings ability, strength and energy.  God’s grace gives whatever a person needs at the time we pray for them.  Praying God’s grace on others is actually the greatest prayer you can pray for someone because through grace salvation is obtained and every other need is satisfied.  2 Corinthians 9:8 says it this way: When God gives all His grace to you, there is abundantly enough for you to have everything you need, when ever you need it and to the extent that it surpasses the need. (my paraphrase) God’s grace is the very thing that we need to complete every good work that He has laid out before us to accomplish.  Simply put: God’s grace is His unending supply of His presence!

Today I want to encourage you to pray for God’s grace on your life.  Confess to Him that you know you cannot complete the things He has for you to do without His grace, then let Him know how much you enjoy having that grace on your life for whatever the need or task is.  Thank Him for sharing His very own grace and empowerment with you and then ask Him to lead you to the things that He planned for His grace to accomplish through you.  Now pray for God to share His grace with other you know that may be in need right now.  Whether its sickness, emotional pain, financial need or problems in a relationship God’s grace is the very thing that can take care of it.  Wrap your life in God’s grace today and then share it with others through your prayers everywhere you go.

Today’s scripture reading: Colossians 1:1-3