August 6, 2020

Filled up with joy

And these things we write to you that your joy may be full.  1 John 1:4

This is a good word.  I have read over this passage several times because I want to capture the heart of John and the joy he is expressing in this passage.  Because of the translation of this passage, it may not be evident at first how excited the apostle John is to give this news.  He repeats the idea twice to stress how amazing it is that God came to earth in human form.  To be see, heard and handled by John, the other disciples and many others who were around at the time.  It’s almost as if he is trying to convince himself again that it actually happened.  John is writing this book in his later years in life and he is writing to the Christians and it is believed that they would circulate his letters to as many different cities as possible so all the believers could be encouraged by his words.  He wants them to recognize that the fact that Jesus, who was here in the world and bridged the gap to God the Father in heaven, is still good news.  He says that he is writing this reminder to them so that they can be filled up with joy.  He doesn’t want them to be worried, sad or anxious, he wants them to be full of joy, like a celebration.  He has a message for them, but he is starting this message with a preface to rejoice and get ready to be encouraged because he is going to be sharing more good news with them.

Throughout 1 John, he warns of false teachers and also gives us solid evidence as assurance of their salvation.  The message is still circulating today.  God has protected this message over the years so we too could be encouraged.  We can rejoice that we have fellowship with Christ Jesus and God our Heavenly Father because of the Word of life that came to this world in God’s only begotten Son.  What an amazing gift!  Not only did He bring salvation through the payment for our debt of sin, He brought fellowship/communion for us to be able to come into the presence of God, our heavenly Father.  This is definitely something to be full of joy about and yet how often we let the thought of it slip right by with never a “thank you” or worshiping Him because of this great gift.

Today, I want to encourage you to rejoice at the fact that the Word of life came in the flesh to deliver, save and fellowship with us.  He desires that all would come to the Father through Him.  Take time today to be thankful and worshipful.  Honor our Heavenly Father because of our LORD Jesus Christ who became the first born of many brethren.  That’s us!

Today’s scripture reading: 1 John 1:1-4

Published by L. Lyden

Lynette is a recently published author and coordinator of Voices Magazine who endeavors to use her gifts and influence to encourage and promote aspiring writers. Her Daily Dose blog has been an outlet for her to encourage readers to walk closer to God each day. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who loves spending time and going on special outings with her family.

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