January 7, 2021

Fresh air

The word of the Lord is ringing out from you to people everywhere, even beyond Macedonia and Achaia, for wherever we go we find people telling us about your faith in God. We don’t need to tell them about it. 1 Thessalonians 1:8

I realized something from this passage in Thessalonians that I have not considered before. It is about the churches that Paul started and how they motivated and inspired him during his life journey. I have always considered the apostle Paul as being self-motivated and Holy Spirit led as he was transported to Rome to stand before Caesar. He started ministry as a Christian with a word from Jesus on the road to Damascus. In Acts 9:15, Jesus told “Saul” that he was His chosen instrument to take His message to the Gentiles/nations and to kings, as well as to the people of Israel.” It has always been my presumption that Paul based his ministry on this Word and it kept him from deviating from the plan the whole time. While I know this to be true, I also know that Paul faced many discouraging events the entire time he ministered. The news and messages that were brought to him from the churches strengthen and encouraged him. Although, I’m sure he didn’t depend on them to get him through, I know that the good reports he received were like a breath of fresh air all throughout his imprisonment.

How do I know this? Because that is the same way it works today. As we journey on our mission for the kingdom of heaven, there are many days that go by without anyone even noticing or paying attention to the hours of prayer and hard work being done in the background. Of course, it is the same with any job, but especially in missions.  Walking by faith and following the Holy Spirit are steps that are taken to ensure you are following the plan. Although no one may be watching and that is certainly not the reason you are on the mission, but when a word comes that you have impacted a life or been an inspiration to someone, suddenly there is new wind in your sails in those times that your ship may be stagnate and stuck in immobility.

My point is when you are impacted or encouraged by others, take a minute to tell them. Whether by text message, phone call or email. You can even send a thank you card to express the way someone has touched your life in a positive way. Start with your pastor or teacher. No one fully knows the hours they are spending preparing, praying and planning for the next service or meeting. You can even extend this to your boss or neighbors. Anyone who is leading with very little recognition can be reinvigorate with a kind word of thanks or even a praise report of how their message brought you closer in your relationship with your Heavenly Father.

Today I want to encourage you to take time to consider those who have impacted your life.  Think about those who have helped you step closer in your relationship with your Heavenly Father.  Then reach out and thank them for taking the time to pray, encourage and help you along the way.  Let them know that what they are doing is making a difference and encourage them to complete all the plans God has for them to accomplish.

Today’s scripture reading:  1 Thessalonians 1:7-10

Published by L. Lyden

Lynette is a recently published author and coordinator of Voices Magazine who endeavors to use her gifts and influence to encourage and promote aspiring writers. Her Daily Dose blog has been an outlet for her to encourage readers to walk closer to God each day. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who loves spending time and going on special outings with her family.

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