October 7, 2022

Seek to touch Him

And the whole multitude sought to touch Him, for power went out from Him and healed them all.  Luke 6:19

Have you ever wondered why we sometimes hear great testimonies of healings and deliverance and then other times it seems like it just doesn’t happen for some people?  It is often explained away with the explanation that it wasn’t God’s will to heal or deliver certain people.  Maybe you have seen some great healings and some that didn’t get healed.  If feels like it is hard to make sense of it all so it must be all up to God, right?

The only problem with that way of thinking is there is no scripture to back that up.  There is no where in the Bible that someone came to God or Jesus, and He turned them away.  In today’s reading, right after Jesus selected the twelve that would be His closest students, He went on to start teaching them.  A great crowd gathered and there were many that came to Him who were diseased and tormented with unclean demonic spirits.  When they came to Jesus, He healed them all.  He didn’t turn any away or tell anyone they were to learn something from their affliction.  Healing and deliverance happened all through Jesus’ ministry and then after He left, they continued to happen through the Apostles.

The key is that the people who were suffering came to Jesus.  They called on Him for relief from their torment.  Today’s key verse says that they sought Him out to reach and touch Him because of the power that went out from Him.

He is still powerful today and still releases that power into the earth and even into people as they seek after Him, but we must go to Him with the issues before we can expect any answer to show up.  He is good and He wants good for all His people.  Sickness, disease and certainly demonic oppression are the result of sin in the world, not the result of God’s love for people.  His heart, His desire and His will have always been for His people to live in wholeness and divine health, but it is up to us to seek Him for it and take the steps of faith that we need to get to Him.

Today I want to encourage you to seek out your healing or deliverance by taking it to the Lord.  As you do, listen carefully for any steps or corrections that you need to make on your part.  He will give direction if there is something, but mostly, He just wants to set you free.  In the same way that we call on Him for salvation and He doesn’t turn anyone away, we can call on Him for the things we need including health and well being and He will not turn anyone away.  Seek Him out to touch Him today and receive all the goodness He desires to release into your life.

Today’s scripture reading: Luke 6:17-19

17 And He came down with them and stood on a level place with a crowd of His disciples and a great multitude of people from all Judea and Jerusalem, and from the seacoast of Tyre and Sidon, who came to hear Him and be healed of their diseases, 

18 as well as those who were tormented with unclean spirits. And they were healed. 

19 And the whole multitude sought to touch Him, for power went out from Him and healed them all.

Published by L. Lyden

Lynette is a recently published author and coordinator of Voices Magazine who endeavors to use her gifts and influence to encourage and promote aspiring writers. Her Daily Dose blog has been an outlet for her to encourage readers to walk closer to God each day. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who loves spending time and going on special outings with her family.

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